Who is She?


In no particular order:

I am Ebony. I am a daughter. I am a mother. I am a wife. I am a sister. I am a friend. I am a beautiful black queen.  I am bold. I love the ocean. It’s my favorite place to be. I am a woman who loves to laugh and has deemed it essential to my being. I am all over the place. I am clumsy.  I am a lover of music. I sometimes like to sit in complete silence. I am silly. I find that I am full of contradictions. I guess you can say that I am the ying to my own yang. I am loud and I meet no strangers, yet I am shy and find discomfort in being in the spotlight.  I have a natural impulse to protect. Not just the people who mean the most to me, but anyone in need of it. I am a fighter, but I am one of the the most nurturing people I know.  I am someone who has had to be strong all of my life, but I am sensitive and fragile. I am a thinker and sometimes  often times my thoughts get the best of me. I am a worrier. I am smart and capable. I am colorful. I love to travel and I want to see as much of the world as I am able to. I love to eat. Perhaps, too much. I am self-conscious and insecure, but somehow very confidant. I am creative. I am loving. I am thoughtful. I am stubborn. I am passionate. I sometimes curse more than a sailer. I am a chef. I love to cook and I rarely follow recipes. I am a giver and often times have trouble receiving. I am a hopeful romantic. I am a dreamer. I am a lover. I am an encourager. I am a photographer. I am a model. I am an entrepreneur. I am any damn thing that I want to be!

I am perfectly imperfect.