Dear 2018

Dear 2018, You have been a year of clarity and growth. You reintroduced me to myself while also uncovering parts I'd never met. Parts that I'd never been brave enough to welcome or just fought so hard to avoid. You were a year of truth and revelation. A year of acceptance. Along with acceptance came … Continue reading Dear 2018


Since I moved into my house, it as been what I call a "grassland" behind it. It really looks like a piece of the Sahara behind my house. It even has the most beautiful sunsets that I have ever seen. Well, yesterday as I sat in my office, I heard a crackling sound. Actually it … Continue reading Peel


This morning upon checking my email, I realized that my timeline is filled with a bunch of... mess! Celebrity news & gossip, ratchet video footage, enhanced asses in Fashion Nova outfits, exposed boobs, grey sweat pants and more! I decided to go through the accounts that I am following and as I went down the … Continue reading CHOOSE!