Be Your Own Peace

Quick thought as I settle into bed. If the sole existence of your peace is dependent upon sources outside of yourself, you my friend, are in bad shape. When you find AND SECURE peace within your own dwelling, who (BUT YOU) can take your peace away from you? Be your own peace and you will … Continue reading Be Your Own Peace


Protect Your Space

Would you stand by and allow an intruder to walk into your home and so boldly take your belongings? Take the things that you hold so dear to your heart? I'm going to take a gander at your answer and go with a, "no." or more like a, "hell no!" In considering the above question AND … Continue reading Protect Your Space

Flight Delay

Incoming text. It reads: Your Southwest flight... has been delayed to... Initially I found myself a little agitated. Shit, I'm tired of sitting here. I silently questioned why it may be delayed. Maybe it's the weather even though it doesnt look like much other than some light rain. Maybe it's all of the fog and … Continue reading Flight Delay